Workshop Meeting #1

Just finished a workshop related lunch with Matt Makai. Things are looking up and our plan is solid. We will have some pretty sleek presentations for our information as well. We discussed several things, most notably:

  1. Static sites
  2. Github pages
  3. Common pitfalls of programming tutorials

Dgentle Django's huge traction is getting us tens of views every single day, so we need to make sure that the site is responsive. Item #1 leads to #2, which is obviously the reason I am writing all this up. I just had to try out Github pages. I am very pleased. I would like some ideas on themes for pelican, but that will come soon enough.

So on to the real meat, #3. We plan on starting out simple. The what and why of web frameworks in general. This is necessary because Django is a pretty large undertaking for a simple website. So you need to know why you would choose Djhango in the first place. Knowing why will make all the abstractions (MVC) make sense, instead of seeming like a hurdle.

So, Matt and I were discussing the two types of programming instruction:

  • How install X and create a "Hello World" app
  • Theory behind distributed credit card chargebacks when your backup ESB is on the fritz.

There is a little bit of knowledge inbetween those two situations that is rarely discussed. But the vast majority of people fall in between those two scenarios. How do you reach them?

So. I don't know. But, I figure it's a good enough question to justify throwing together a Github Pages account with a little bit of content.

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